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Another artist on the internet with commissions.
Maybe these fine wares could be yours ;D

Commissions can be found at the top.
Select the type you are interested in
and be sure to read my TOS before commissioning me/
Commissions are subject to change with time!
I accept both Paypal and DA pts

Created: 11.07.2022
Updated: 06.08.2022

Characters of Interest

They are cool, go have a check if you feel curious.
Decaying winter brainrot

91cars - vrrrrrrrrrrr
Kamochiin - siblinglong
GreenSnak - is green

Art Commissions

Please note that my style may not be consistent!
Price my rise based on character complexity
More options are to be added soon

Can DrawWon't Draw
Almost any species, Humanoid includedNSFW
Amogus ඞ 𐐘 𐑀Hateful Content

✔ Symmetrical Icon | 20€

A symmetrical Icon of your Character. Comes with a single colored or gradient bg!+5€ shading
+5€-10€ bg/props
Prices may change based on complexity!
Feel free to ask!


Similiar to above, just with added animation!
Comes with a single colored or gradient bg!
+5€ Shading
+5-10€+ BG/Props
Price may changed based on complexity or additional animation (like Animated props/BG)
Simple moving BGs won't be affected by extra animation costs!

Simple Animation | 25€

Small partial animation
like blinking, ear twitch,
simple tail wag/movements

Medium Animation | 30€

Medium (partial) animation
More ranged animation like
ranged tail wag, bounce, emotes

Complex Animation | 35€

More complex animations![more examples tba]

✔ Chibi Page | 35€

A page of colored and simple shaded chibi doodles. Clean up sketches!
Seperates can be sent on request!
Comes with minimum 2 fullbodies and 2 halfbodies.
Empty spaces may be filled out with trinkets or doodles based on character
(if there is info)


Voxel Commissions

The "Minecraft" type of art, aka 3D Pixel Art!
These are built symmetricaly!
Due to their size, your character may be simplified!
Prices are experimental and may change!Final renders will come with 2 Turntables(Transparent/Colored BG) and a sheet with 4 still shots!My default render style is the first one with Anti-Alias and Shadow!
But I am open to using different options based on your taste!

Note: Some examples may be older and have a different render style or different frame rate than I use now!
They are mainly to show off the voxel as example.
Price my rise based on character complexity, such as wings, multiple tail etc.

✔ Mini Voxel | 15€

Up to 20x20x20 big

✔ Medium Voxel | 25€+

Up to 80x80x80 big

XX Big Voxel | 35€+

Up to 126x126x126 big

✔ Voxel Paw YCH | 5€

While you are browsing, may I interest you in some voxel paws?
Your very own Voxel Lucky charms even!
Who needs a rabbit paw, if you can have a replica of your own design?

YCH Commissions

YCH = Your Character here
YCHs are premade templates, where your character is inserted into!
My YCHs are all over the place!
Due to the limits of this site, I also can not list them here/
Best way to find them is looking into my YCH folder on Toyhouse!
Sometimes, I also offer limited YCHs that I offer only on my socials.
Follow me to not miss the chances!
I also offer Collab YCHs!
The cheapest variant, where you draw the art and I handle the animation!
Listed in my YCH folder aswell


This section is for misc commissions and a big wip!I plan to add Tweening commissions!I rig and animate your art basically!
Can be regular art, could be Vtuber rigs!
Though these arts have to be cut into parts, like individual layers to be animated
We could also set up Collab YCHs/Commissions where you offer to draw art , and I handle the animation part!
Though this would need more communication and set up!
Prices have not been set yet, they are hard to work out/Art animation would probably be starting at 10-15€ with blinking and ear twitch/tail motion.
Additional things would cost extra, obviously ;P
Vtuber rigs may range around 300€, depending on complexity and emotes aswell
Charging extra per toggle/emote
This may take a bit since I don't fully know how to price them yet and pretty much am unsure uea

Terms of Service

By commissioning me or buying a design, you accept my Terms of Service!
Please make sure to understand them before buying!
That's all!I tend to work without sending wips for approval,
if you wish to see wips first, please tell me so!

By purchasing custom artwork from MWINS,
you automatically agree to my terms of service!
The artist has the right to refuse a commission request without explanation.
All commissions made by me are for personal use only.
Any commercial usage, claiming, or reproduction are not permitted.
Stream assets being an exception.
If you want to use it for commercial (ex:.merchandise, video game characters, book covers),
please contact me first.
I do not support NFTs.
The artist reserves all rights for the images created, which also means the right to display all commissioned works on any website or gallery.
For anything else, the artist will ask client's permission.
You may re-post the commissioned work, but must give proper credit to the artist.
If the client does not wish to have the commissioned work displayed due to reasons,
the client is free to tell the artist!
All payments must be made upfront! Unless stated otherwise
No refunds after the commissions has been finished!
(partial) refunds only before the artists has completed the commission
If, for some reason the artist can't complete the commission, they will give full refund!
Max 3 free revisions, additional revisions and fixes will be charged 20% extra
Major revisions after sketch phase will be charged aswell
Due to past art theft, please do not remove my watermark!For any questions, feel free to ask!


To order, just contact me!
Please have a reference ready and any Information you want to add to your commission!
If you have a question, you can ask that aswell!
Please do not start your message with a single "hi" and come straight to the point ^^
You can contact me on almost any of my social media!
TH > Discord > DA > FA > TWT / INSTA
Please note that I rarely check Twitter or Instagram DMs,
unless you comment somewhere beforehand to notify me!
I simply rarely expect DMs there.