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Created: 11.07.2022
Updated: 19.09.2023



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I have 2 public servers yeah
If you are looking for the generic small art server discord, feel free to have a peek in my Social Discord server.
It really isn't too special, only difference is just me being in there and active ig.
If you are looking for only commissions and commission pings, check the Commission Discord.
There are no social aspects like any ordinary server, pings for YCH openings and private channels between me and clients to take on commissions there.
I prefer not to take commissions via DMs unless specified,
as I will most likely lose/forget them and am more comfortable taking them outside DMs, which is one of the reasons for the Commisison Discord server


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Art examples type of deal

A little gallery, a little collection of artworks.
My style is fluctating, with only a couple elements being constant to a degree.
This is just a little collection to remind of what I can or was able to do.In all honesty, I really don't know what to focus on so this gallery will be flooded with nonesense.
There are too many fields/art types I dabble in.
Softwares mostly:
Firealpaca (Digital Art),
Live2D (Tweened Animation),
BlockBench (Lowpoly Models),
MagicaVoxel [Voxel Models]



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shout out to PARAGON for making these
friend shaped bombs
that I'd gladly send through mail

PARAGON Ticks from hit game Decaying Winter
very cool cylindric vacuum tube 4 legged 2 mode explosives that come in handy sized discs.
Got a small gallery of most Tickspider arts on Toyhouse aswell sure=
Mindflayers little drills also ok i dont dislike them
And little gallery for other DW stuff
yeah i gotta remind myself on maybe doing those tickspider projects that i never got to
the google doc ones ty future kron
Zamn my premium carrd ran out, a lot of stuff was removed sorry!

Art, most of it

The tickspider pin always stays on

IRL goodies

"lifesize" Plush in works
Tickspider scarf in plans


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Terms of Service

Last updated | dd.mm.yyyy | 12.09.2023

Animation Disclaimer

Please note that gifs have limited color pallettes!
Art with more colors may look more odd than others!
GIFs also don't support transparency that is not 0% or 100%!
Most animations are by default exported with 16fps by my program!
If you wish for different frame rates, please tell me!
MP3 and MOV are also file types that I can export, if the commission was originally made in Live2D!Most transparent Animated YCHs may come with a lot of empty space.
If wished, you can use https://ezgif.com/crop and autocrop off any unwanted empty space!


By commissioning me or buying a design, you accept my Terms of Service!
Please read this entirely and carefully.
I will refuse your commission if you do not agree to these terms.
Please make sure to understand them before commissioning me!
NFT usage or AI training of my work are strictly forbidden.*I tend to work without sending wips for approval, especially for YCH works.
If you wish to see wips during process, please tell me so!


By purchasing custom artwork from MWINS,
you automatically agree to my terms of service!
Violators will be added to my blacklist indefinitely and without warning.
The artist has the right to refuse a commission request without explanation.
All commissions made by me are for personal use only, with a couple exceptions.
Any commercial usage, claiming, or reproduction are not permitted.
If you want to use it for commercial (ex:.merchandise, video game characters, book covers),
please contact me first.
You are allowed to use them for streaming/videos, please visibly credit me there aswell (ex:. video/info description, link leading to art credits)
The artist reserves all rights for the images created, which also means the right to display all commissioned works on any website or gallery.
For anything else, the artist will ask client's permission.
You may re-post the commissioned work, but must give proper credit to the artist.
If the client does not wish to have the commissioned work displayed due to reasons,
the client is free to tell the artist!
Minimum Turnaround time is 1 monthAll payments must be made upfront! Unless stated otherwiseYou are NOT authorized to issue a chargeback for any reason.
You are required to contact me, if you are looking to cancel a commission.
No refunds after the commissions has been finished!
(partial) refunds only before the artists has completed the commission
If, for some reason the artist can't complete the commission, they will give full refund!
Max 3 free revisions, additional revisions and fixes will be charged 20% extra
Major revisions that are completely different from the original request will be charged aswell
Rush fees are + 50% of the commission.For any questions, feel free to ask!

Designs and Adopt TOS

Do not remove my credit for designs/characters made by me!Only sell a character for its original price, unless it has any kind of extra art.
(Extra art includes any type of art, such as personal art, commissioned art and literature.)
Yes, your own art is also worth it!
You are free to redesign, change species/gender etc.If they are part of an original species, please also follow their rules!Feel free to ask, if you have questions.


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If I am open for work, you can contact me.Please have a reference ready and any Information you want to add to your commission!
Or if you are contacting me because of a collab / self fill out YCH, have your PSD ready and any other information.
If you have a question, you can ask that aswell!
Please do not start your message with a single "hi", Instead, come straight to the point on why you are contacting me.
Messages like those are more prone to being skipped over.

Best way to contact me is via my Commission Discord server.
Second to that is my Toyhouse.
Other platforms below are also possible, but I am most likely more inactive or have DMs deactivated